The Professional Skills Course

Hi everyone.

It’s been a while since my last blog post and I was meaning to publish this post 2 months ago but I never got round to completing it. Blog writing hasn’t been on the top of my to-do-list and it has been very hectic and stressful at work. The last thing I wanted to do after a long day at work was write a blog! Anyway, sorry for the absence and I’m going to get back into writing again.

As I said, I began writing this blog a couple of months ago, so I will continue with what I wrote before and tell you a little bit about the Professional Skills Course:

The Professional Skills Course (PSC) is something all Trainees have to do during the 2 years of their TC. It comprises of three core modules (client care, finance and business skills and advocacy) and you also have to complete 24 hours of elective courses as well. I’m not sure about the College of Law, but BPP has a whole range of electives for each person to choose from and you can really tailor your experience to what you are interested in. That is, unless your TC provider tells you which electives you have to pick.

I am just about to complete the 12th month of my TC (woohoo!!) and so far I have completed two of the three core modules; client care and finance and business skills. I generally went into each course not really knowing what to expect or how intensive they would be. I’m going to write about client care briefly in this blog and will write another blog aimed at the finance and business skills module soon.

I was supposed to do my advocacy course in December but we have been so busy at work I decided to cancel it and leave it until next month (plus I hate advocacy and was dreading it!). So maybe by the time I get round to writing my next couple of blogs I will have completed the advocacy course and will be able to tell you guys all about it.

Client Care

Considered the easiest of the three core courses, client care is an extension of the things you were taught whilst studying the LPC, for example, about client care letters and the SRA Code of Conduct.

The course can be undertaken once you have completed 6 months of your TC. Many people recommend you do this one first because (as said) it’s considered to be the easiest course and it can be a good way to get settled back into “school” life again. It’s run over 2 days (mine was from 9:30 until about 4pm) and, if you do it at BPP, Mike and Geoff are both brilliant.

Because the course is based on what you were taught during the LPC it can be a bit boring and repetitive. I repeatedly asked myself why we were being taught all of this information again and our teacher (lecturer?) also said he didn’t really understand why the Law Society make us go over all of it again.

Also, one of the first things we did on this course was partner up with the person sitting next to us and get them to tell us about themselves. You know, the kind of thing you did when you were in year 7 and the teachers wanted you to introduce yourself to the class. Once we had asked all of the questions required, we then had to read out the answers to the rest of the group and tell them all about our partner. I personally hate this kind of thing and find it a bit embarrassing. I had hoped I wouldn’t have to do anything like that since I left school.

The course may be a bit boring but it can be useful to go over stuff you may have forgotten/things you didn’t take in whilst studying the LPC. For example, we were taught about the rules on advertising, which came in handy at work when we were having leaflets designed to promote the firm and our new office.

I don’t really think it was a particularly useful course, but hey, I got to spend 2 days out of the office with hours I could only dream about having at work. I’m not complaining!

Remember, I completed this module about 3/4 months ago so I can’t actually remember everything we were taught and everything we did. This blog is more to tell you about my impressions of the course and what I thought of it. 

Hope some of you found this useful. I’m going to go through my finance and business skills booklet for my next blog so I can give you a bit more information about the course. You can always leave a comment asking questions if you want to know more about the client care course and I will be happy to answer!



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