Welcome to my blog about life as a Trainee Solicitor and how to become one!

Everyone knows how hard it can be to become a Solicitor. When I was at University and told people I was studying law their reaction was always the same; they would get a look of pity on their face and say something along the lines of “poor you, that’s hard”. At first, this freaked me out and I panicked a little bit about what I had gotten myself into. However, as I met other people from different courses I realised every degree is hard and you have to work hard to achieve your goals. So if you are thinking about studying Law and get the same reaction I did from people – don’t panic, focus on what you want to achieve and work hard to get there.

Check out the ‘about‘ page by clicking on the link above for a brief introduction into my life and the journey I took to get to where I am now. 

In this blog, I will aim to provide bits of my own advice and tips; ranging from how to get that elusive training contract to how to survive when you have one. I’ll also talk about my day-to-day workload to show you guys what it’s like being a Trainee and what options are available to people who decide they would like a career in Law.

If you have any questions at all (and remember there is no such thing as a stupid question) please let me know by leaving a comment on my posts or clicking on the ‘contact’ page above.



I will not be posting specific details about my job or the cases I’m working on and any views expressed here are my own.